Post 3 - Erasmus+ Project Viruskenner International Kick Off - 10 January 2023

The founder of the Viruskenner project, Prof. Eric van Gorp from the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, and Valery van Gorp, project tutor and presenter, visited ITT Buonarroti in Trento to lead this important Kick-Off event of the Viruskenner project 2023.
Also present at the Kick-Off were the students of 1DS, 2C, 2R and 2S from ITT Buonarroti alongside visiting students from the Keizer Karell College in the Netherlands who were purposely in Italy on the exchange programme.
Students were accompanied by a number of teachers, both Italian (Mrs Stani, Mrs Pollara, Mrs Lopatriello, Mrs Pintacuda, Mr Mark Tomasi) and Dutch (Mrs Roos, Mrs Werkman and Mrs Lindeijer), who have been actively involved in, and of fundamental importance to, the entire Erasmus+ Viruskenner International project.
No doubt, all those involved could feel the hum of excitement and anticipation as the Viruskenner International project was presented before moving on to the description of a series of important viruses currently threatening human health across the globe.
This part of the morning’s programme was completed thanks to the remote intervention of a number of Viruskenner coaches and experts, always willing to give a kind hand and a valid opinion.
The central message was “Knowledge as antivirus”, tha is knowledge is key to both preventing and tackling viral infections and future pandemics.
Tasks were then assigned to students, in mixed groups including both Italian and Dutch students, who were given a couple of months to plan and implement their ideas for an effective dissemination of information concerning a given virus.
Towards midday the Kick-Off event was concluded, an opportunity for a round of thanks to all those involved.
It was a great pleasure to greet among the guests Mrs Boglarka Fenyvesi Kiss from Europe Direct Trentino.