Post 2 - Short-term exchange of groups of pupils - 24 students from Keizer Karell College (Amstelveen) visit ITT Buonarroti 8-13 January 2023

The New Year kicked off in the very best of ways for students of both Keizer Karell College and ITT Buonarroti with a group of Dutch students, accompanied by their 3 teachers – Mrs Sietske Roos, Mrs Annika Werkman and Mrs Charlotte Lindeijer - making their way to Trento to spend a week with their Italian counterparts of the Viruskenner Project.
The visiting group arrived on the 8th of January for a week full of activities alongside the 1DS students of ITT Buonarroti.
Accommodation was organised thanks to the kind hospitality of the families of the Italian students involved.
The week started off with activities aimed at getting the students to know each other better and visits to the various laboratories and workshops of ITT Buonarroti. On Monday afternoon all students set off for a walk to Doss Trento, a rocky outcrop overlooking the city.
The following day there was the main Kick-Off event of the Viruskenner project with the participation of project founder Prof. Eric van Gorp of the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam.
Later on students were split into mixed groups, each assigned a task to think of a way to effectively disseminate information concerning viral infections and prevention.
They still have some time before having to present their ideas at the Final Day in Rotterdam and everyone is eager to know what they will come up with! The week continued with classes in the mornings and free time in the afternoons for visiting the city of Trento by doing an engaging treasure hunt through the streets and alleys, exploring the use MUSE museum and other activities.
On Thursday a trip to nearby Verona and Sirmione, a charming town on the shores of Lake Garda, was organised.
The Dutch students returned to the Netherlands on Friday the 13th. All in all this was a fantastic and unique experience for all those involved.
Students from both schools showed great collaboration, motivation and enthusiasm from the beginning and lasting friendships were surely born.
The numerous host families, who we can’t thank enough, were extremely generous and enthusiastic about hosting a Dutch student and the pupils of Keizer Karell College also greatly appreciated the entire experience.
The parents of Italian studentswere also extremely thankful for the opportunity and were delighted to take part.
The week can only be defined as a huge success and we sincerely hope that similar experiences can be organised again soon. Mrs Zoller, the Principla, in her final greeting gave thanks to all those of Keizer Karell College, the Viruskenner team, Mrs Stefania Stani - Viruskenner coordinator of ITT Buonarroti – and all the teachers, students and families involved in making this a truly unforgettable experience!